The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon eBook Launch: A Poem

Making an eBook is really quite tough,

there are so many stages between finished and rough.

But with so many people willing to help out,

we have finally made it to the part where we shout.


First of all, I will thank the microbes,

without whom our story would not have grown.

There are scientists, writers and artists to mention,

all inspired by invisible micro-dimensions.

Symbiotic relations between small and big,

in this case between Vibrio and a much larger squid.


When the storybook was printed, we made it a square,

but this is not a good shape for iPads to wear!

So Mark our designer took a good hard look,

and lo and behold, a rectangular eBook!


Next comes the task of spreading the word,

thank you to Cameron who has helped make us heard.

And to everyone who has and will share our tale,

thank you for acknowledging the smaller scale.


The role of our small friends and the part they play,

is too large to mention in one book or one day.

One thing however I'll say in this post,

they can sure work together...that's what I like most.