Zobi and the Zoox is a beautifully illustrated science-adventure story, set on the Great Barrier Reef.

Unlike typical storybooks, this 44-page children’s book features a cast of microbes, molecules and mucus – the microscopic members of the symbiotic society within coral.

When their coral polyp home is under threat from a warming ocean, our hero Zobi (a rhizobia bacterium) works together with a family of slow-but-steady Zoox (zooxanthellae) to try to save the day.

Winner of a Puggle (children's choice award), and shortlisted for the 2015 Environmental Award for Children's Literature, the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year award and a 2015 DeBary Outstanding Children's Science Book Award.

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You can also read the book on YouTube (also embedded below), with author Ailsa Wild narrating the book over a musical score created by sound artists Brainbeau (best viewed in HD mode!)...