Each book relies on support from a growing range of partners, including:

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The Australian Society for Microbiology

Founded in 1959, the main objective of the Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) is to advance the science of microbiology in Australia.

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The Royal Society of Victoria

Founded in 1854, The Royal Society of Victoria convenes a community network of science practitioners, adherents and enthusiasts to share our passion for science, with the aim of promoting education, literacy and investment in the science disciplines for the betterment of the Victorian community.


Loving Earth

The Loving Earth story began in 2007 when founders Scott Fry and Martha Butler returned to Melbourne from Mexico, bringing with them the ingredients to create our very first chocolate bars. Loving Earth is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism, popularised by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis' Gaia theory.

Special thanks to our recent Australian Cultural Fund crowdfunding supporters: Lynette Payne, Nicky Grigg, Patrick Belford, Tara Kuckreja, Heather Maughan, Jeremy Barr, Fran Murrell, Dennis Stanton, Anna Wilkinson, Aldyth Love, Veronica Radice, Elizabeth and Rob La Nauze, Merry Youle and Dale Hess.