The Small Friends book series tells stories about symbiotic partnerships and cooperation between microorganisms and larger forms of life.


Featuring microbes, molecules, mucus and more - we hope these books will nurture an appreciation for the role our small friends play - from bacteria & viruses, to archaea, fungi, protozoa & algae...


All Small Friends books are a created through a collaboration of artists, writers, scientists, educators and designers - and are printed in Melbourne (Australia) using 100% Recycled Paper with 100% Green Energy.



The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon

The Squid, the Vibrio & the Moon is a beautifully illustrated storybook about the symbiotic relationship between the Bobtail squid and the bioluminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri) that help it glow in the moonlight. Read more›

Zobi and the Zoox

Zobi and the Zoox is a journey into the microscopic world at the heart of all coral reefs. When their coral polyp home is under threat from a warming ocean, our hero Zobi (a Rhizobia bacterium) works together with a family of slow-but-steady Zoox (zooxanthellae) to try to save the day.   Read more›

The Invisible War

An illustrated science-history story exploring parallel experiences during WWI – one story set on the macro-scale, from the point of view of a nurse caring for soldiers in the trenches - and one simultaneously on the micro-scale from the point of view of the viruses (bacteriophages) which fight to keep her body alive when she contracts dysentery.    Read more ›